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Music Mela: An Effort to Strengthen US, Pakistan Relation Ship

Cultural Attache Embassy of the United States of America (USA) in Pakistan, Judith Ravin has said that ‘Music Mela’ is an effort to strengthen bilateral relations between USA and Pakistan. Talking to APP on the second of day of Music Mela (Festival) started here at the Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) organized by the United States Embassy, in collaboration with the Foundation of Arts, Culture and Education (FACE), she said that music expressed the gamut of human feelings and emotions, uniting all humanity in its ontological traits.

She informed that U. S. Embassy sponsors numerous programs that support art and Pakistani musicians every year.

This year it sponsored the first ever Pakistani showcase at the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin and Texas under Dosti Music Project, a collaboration between American, Pakistan and Indian artists to compose, collaborate and perform new music in a spirit of international understanding. Mary McBride a singer of American band said that this was her second trip to Pakistan as she performed first time for the special children here in Islamabad adding that she enjoyed a lot during her stay in Pakistan.

She said that she is playing her role to cheer up Pakistanis as they are affected of terrorism more than a decade. Grace McCleam an other singer said that music is such a communicator which breaks down linguistic, geographical and cultural barriers.

Describing her opinion, she said that before coming to Pakistan she was frightened by some colleagues as it is one of the terrorist stricken regions in the world but it is a wonderful experience performing in Music Mela and found the people music lover. She expressed the hope that the Mela would bring the people of two countries a bit closer as music is an international language of mankind.—APP


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